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Technical Ceramics, Technical Ceramic Products and Components Manufacturers

Orient Ceramics, Virudhachalam, Tamil Nadu, India; is a leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Technical Ceramics, Technical Ceramic Products, Technical Ceramic Components.

Ceramics can be defined as a refractory nonmetallic material which includes wide array of materials. It can be divided into traditional and advanced classes.

The Technical Ceramics deal of “Orient Ceramics” encompasses design and manufacturing of ceramic products from an assortment of fine materials. We offer a wide range of advanced range of ceramic materials catering the needs of domestic market in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Textiles, Chemicals, Foundries, Cements, Ceramics, refractories, Glass and Surgical Industries. It also accepts challenges to produce any type of Technical Ceramic Components.

From design consultation to custom manufacturing, our skilled engineers develop distinctive solutions in producing advanced ceramic components to meet the diversified applications among varied industries.

Our family of technical ceramics includes:

High Alumina Engineering Ceramics: We offer wide range of high alumina ceramics of varied sizes in accordance with the client’s specifications. It displays abrasion, electrical, corrosion resistance properties. The dielectric strength of this ceramics is ideal for the use in insulators and electronic purposes.

Grinding Media Balls: We offers wide range Ceramic and Steatite and Porcelain Balls of different sizes, Ceramic liner Bricks of various shapes. These are mainly used in Ball Mills where the process is required contamination free.

Electrical Insulators: Electrical insulators find useful in preventing unwanted flow of electricity to earth from specific supporting points. It plays an important role in electrical System.

Textile Yarn guides: Orient ceramics offers different Porcelain items used in Textile Industries namely Log Guide, Standard Guide, J-Huck, Rollers, Two way, Three way, Ten way Guides, Eyelet, Bobbins, Runner Guides. These materials are having very smooth surface, which is used in textiles.

Refractory boiler Bed Materials: Refractory Bed Materials are manufactured in different mesh which is used in FBC Boilers for various lining purpose and they will meet the required bulk density and porosity.

Stud welding Ferrules: Ceramic ferrules are developed for stud weld application. These are made suitable to various stud sizes and patterns which can be developed as per customer’s requirement.

Special Shaped refractories: Bricks of special shapes and sizes are necessary to provide for changes in surface alignment, to top a wall or just for decoration.

Ceramic Filter: Ceramic Filters are available in different shapes, sizes with Number of Holes and Diameter as required by the vendor. These are used for removal of slag while pouring the metal Ceramic Tubes.

Ceramic Tubes: We manufacture ceramic tubes for gating system of special design for making complicated castings in foundries.

ower Packing: Orient ceramics offers wide range of Tower packing items such as Saddles, Raschig Rings, Honey Comb Rings. These materials are used in Chemical Industries in Thermal Station.

Surgical and industrial gloves: Orient Ceramics proudly offers variety of Surgical Gloves Formers. We are the only manufacturers of Porcelain Formers in South India. These formers are used for making Surgical Gloves and Industrial Gloves.